Welcome! We are full of wonder and curiosity and inspired to nurture the same in your children.

Your kids CAN DO science!1,2

Go2Science empowers kids to stay curious and become critical and empathetic thinkers. We integrate language arts and math with science to maximize student engagement and learning.3,4

At the PreK-2 level, immediately getting the right answer is less important than developing thinking and questioning skills.5,6,7 Children learn best when they feel involved8, connected9, and care deeply about a topic10.

That’s why we wanted to buy a humongous bus and take you all into the field, but that turned out to be impractical (for now), so we did the next best thing... Welcome to Go2Science!

Cast & Founders
Innovative Teacher + Globe-trotting Scientist turn PreK-2 science into memory-making adventures!
Beth Heidemann

Presidential Award-Winning teacher and hula hoop enthusiast, Beth loves bringing real world science to kids! A graduate of College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor, Maine, she loves engineering challenges, technology, environmental education, and outdoor learning spaces. After 25 years teaching kindergarten, she’s excited to share her passion and experience on-line with classrooms from around the world!

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Curtis Bentley

Curtis is a lot of things: a scientist, lawyer, explorer, drummer and Ironman. His brain is always churning. His paleontological finds are in museums across the country and he even has an extinct sea turtle named after him. He loves traveling the world and immersing himself in new environments and cultures. Curtis finds joy in sparking the imagination of young learners and making them think in new ways.

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Edu Rockstar Advisors

Michael Soskil

Michael’s teaching earned him the honor of being recognized as one of the top ten teachers on earth! This two-time Global Teaching Prize finalist (and Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year) loves family trips to Disney world and running.

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Margo Murphy

Margo is the chair of the Advisory Council for the National Academy of Science and was recently nationally honored as Environmental Educator of the year. She is a long-time registered Maine guide but mostly canoes/kayaks, swims, bikes and hikes these days with friends and family rather than clients.

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Jed Dearybury

Jed’s awards include GQ Male Leader of the Year, Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, County Reading Teacher of the Year, and Top 5 finalist for SC Teacher of the Year. He loves running marathons and cuddling his dogs, Bergin and Biscuit!

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Margie Hawkins

Margie’s research on the effects of academic vocabulary on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program has been published by ASCD. She loves the outdoors and has hiked nearly every mountain range in the United States.

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Dyane Smokorowski

Dyane is the 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year and is currently serving as an Instructional Technology Coach in the Andover Public schools. She enjoys watching classic Hollywood films, reading on the latest educational technology trends, or hanging out with her family.

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David Lockett

David Lockett is a STEM teacher at Bok Academy as well as NSTA Aerospace Advisory Board Member. At Bok Academy, he is responsible for implementing a project based curriculum for all students as they rotate through the STEM Lab. David has a distinguished and diverse background in the fields of Astronomy, Biotechnology, and Engineering, and is an advocate and practitioner of S.T.E.M. accessibility for all students.

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Magic-Making Creatives

Kate Heidemann

Kate earned her Ph.D. in Musicology at Columbia University. When she’s not making music, she’s listening to music! But she also likes reading (a regular rotation of science fiction and fantasy, comic books, and literary classics), watching TV shows and movies with elements of whimsy or the fantastic (like all kinds of animation, anything featuring superheroes, and even Korean dramas), and spending time with her husband and friends in NYC.

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Elizabeth Deliso
Pre K-2 Lessons

Elizabeth earned degrees in Human Ecology and Environmental Management from College of the Atlantic and Yale University, where she was selected to be a Doris Duke Conservation Fellow. She and her son, Julian, love to volunteer on Hurricane Island whenever they are not busy trying to get their kittens to do back flips.

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Ben Matsuya
Comic Illustrator

Ben is a professional comic book artist from Los Angeles. He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton and was a Finalist in the Disney Imagineering competition. He has multiple All-Ages comics credits including Jupiter Jet by Action Lab Comics. When he is not making comics, you can find him watching movies at the local theater or playing pick up basketball.

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Gayla Hammer
K-5 Lessons

Gayla’s teaching career spans over forty years! She taught 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th grades, special education, and 6th grade middle school science. She achieved National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist. In 2014 she was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence for her exemplary science teaching!

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