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Created by teachers awarded the highest national recognition for teaching science and math AND by published scientists!

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Join an Adventure!

  • We work with real scientists to develop hypotheses (testable ideas) about all sorts of awesome science topics!
  • You & your learners watch the brief hypothesis video to learn what the adventure is all about.

Watch & Engage

  • We test the hypothesis in the field & document the adventure in 12 field videos! Each field video has a lesson that integrates science, literacy, and math learning plus a Family Fun activity!
  • You & your learners watch each field video and select the lessons and activities you want to do.

Enrich & Expand

  • We host livestream events, share 3D files of objects we scan in the field, create original comics & music videos, and more!
  • You & your learners choose the elements you want to use to expand the adventure. You can even vote to direct live missions!

Fun & Flexible!

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Science is more than a body of knowledge, it’s a way of thinking.
— Carl Sagan

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