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Made by teachers and scientists to empower PreK-2 teachers to make the world a better place, one curious mind at a time. Find out more!

We make the scientific process fun for students and easy for teachers.

Nurturing kids' curiosity as they become critical and empathetic thinkers.

Developed by Teachers and Scientists

Presidential Award-Winning Teacher Beth Heidemann and Scientist/Explorer Curtis Bentley bring their passion for science and are advised by an impressive band of experts.

Meet our whole team

Here’s What We Do

We Go on Real Science Missions

Real scientists give us hypotheses and send us around the globe to test them. We go on 3 missions each year!

You Adventure with Us

We do field research and your class gets a front row seat on the action. We share 5-minute highlight videos that show what we found that day.

Join Our Live Broadcast Fun

Use the chat feature to join the conversation as we live-stream from headquarters to discuss our field research.

Vote on What We Do Next

During a mission, we’ll ask you what we should do next. Student-directed learning is more fun and has greater impact!

Publish Your Students’ Work

Scientists publish to share their thoughts and findings. We provide a platform for students to do just that! Classes can comment on each other's work to help out...that's peer review!

Bring Hands-on Science into Your Class

We will 3D scan things we find in the field so you can 3D print a copy to investigate right in your classroom!

Flexible Lesson Plans

Continue the learning with integrated lesson plans and activities tailored to your grade level. Rubrics encourage growth and help track learning.

Participate in Professional Development

We know you want to bring your A-game to the classroom everyday. That's why Beth, Curtis, and the edu-rockstar advisors provide short videos to keep you up to date on best practices in bite-sized chunks that fit into your busy schedule.

Read Comic Adventures

The Extraordinary Adventures of Curiosity Cat and Data Dog! Our comic combines PreK-2 grade reading levels in each edition so students can follow their adventures while advancing their reading skills

Watch Original Music Videos

Get those wiggles out and make learning sticky with original music and videos.

What’s the Latest?

Field Mission: Namibia!

Our friend, Dr. Muntifering, wants us to go to Namibia to test his hypothesis that there are 30 to 40 herbivores (plant-eaters) to every carnivore (meat-eaters) in Etosha National Park.

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